September 2017

Dear Parent/ Carers
Welcome back everyone. We all hope everyone had an enjoyable summer holiday. The school team have been working hard during the last week of the school holidays preparing for the new exciting school year.

School Day: 8-50am – 3-15pm
School doors open every day at 8-50am -please get the children to their classroom doors for 8-50am to ensure they have a settled start to their school day.
Uniform : Thankyou for supporting your children in making sure that they attend school wearing the correct school uniform. All the children are looking very smart. Please ensure that all items of clothing are named.
Newsletters: The first newsletters will all go out this week and a copy can also be found on our school website.
School Parking: A reminder please – We want all our children to be safe, please do not park on the yellow lines or the yellow zigzag lines outside the school or across pavements and drives of local residents. Inconsiderate parking creates problems for local residents, pedestrians and the safety of our children and families.
Homework: We are looking for consistency across school in expectations around homework, to ensure this all KS1 and KS2 classes will follow the timetable as below:
Y1 to Y6: All children are expected to read at home to practise their reading skills. Maths homework will be handed out on Wednesday to be completed and returned for Friday each week. Spelling and handwriting homework will be given out on Friday to be completed and returned on Monday each week.
Y5 and Y6: Grammar home work will be sent out on Monday to be handed in on Wednesday.
Hopefully this timetable will help parents in ensuring their child’s homework is completed and handed in on time. Our expectation is that every child completes their homework and hands it in on time. Homework is provided to help your child with their learning. It is provided to consolidate the work that has been covered in class. Children should not find their homework too difficult or take a long time to complete so if your child does have problems with homework please speak directly with the child’s teacher.
Planners KS2
KS2 children have all been provided with a planner to support and encourage home school communication. Please check your child’s planner daily and respond to any messages. We are also requesting that parents sign planners at the end of every week. Thank you for your support with this.
School Development Plan
We started the new school year on Monday with a staff training day where the plans for ‘School Development 2017- 2018’ were shared with our Chair of Governors and the staff team.
We have great plans in place to improve the school further. During this academic year we will be working to increase reading attainment across school, school will be using new approaches to the teaching of reading and new resources have been purchased. We will also working as a school to develop and improve the children’s maths facts to aid their maths fluency and reasoning skills.
In addition, we are continuing with our work to improve school attendance and punctuality. We also have a new PSHCE scheme of work to introduce which incorporates British Values and we have further work to do this year in developing our assessment systems.

We have a school to be very proud of and I would once again like to thank you for your continued support. I have been extremely impressed by how well the children have started the school year and how smart they all look.

Yours sincerely
V Smithies

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