Governing Body

Our Governing Body

Chair of Governors:
Mr Chris Hudson          (LA Governor/Performance Management/Child Protection/Training/Assessment)

Vice Chair of Governors:
Faiz Hussain                 (Parent Governor/Resources & Personnel/Attendance)

Governing Body:
Mr Kim Buck                         (Headteacher)
Mr Qaisar Ajaib                    (Appeals/Equalities)
Mrs Elizabeth Edgington   (Co-Opted Governor)
Mr Faiz Hussain                  (Parent Governor/Pupil Attendance/Performance Management)

Mrs Jean Preston          (Appeals/SEN Governor/Numeracy)
Mrs Iram Rashid          (Parent Governor/English)
Mr Kally Shergill          (Pupil Attendance/Performance Management)
Mrs Iala Sharp             (Staff Governor)

Resources & Personnel Committee members:
Faiz Hussain               (Chair) (Parent)

Iram Rashid              (Parent)

Kally Shergill

Kim Buck

Teaching, Learning & Safeguarding (TL&S) Committee members:

Jean Preston (Chair)

Chris Hudson (LA) (Vice)

Kim Buck

Iala Sharp (Staff)

Qaisar Ajaib

Elizabeth Edgington

Governor details:

Governor From Expires
Mr Qaisar Ajaib

Mr Kim Buck





Mrs Iala Sharp 08.02.2017 07.02.2021
Mr Chris Hudson 04.10.2017 04.10.2021
Mr Faiz Hussain 05.05.2019 05.05.2023
Mrs Jean Preston 01.03.2017 28.02.2021
Mrs Iram Rashid 30.01.2018 30.01.2022
Mr Kally Shergill 05.05.2019 05.05.2023
 Mrs Elizabeth Edgington  07.03.2018  07.03.2022


School governors work with the Headteacher to make decisions about how the school is run. They have legal duties, powers and responsibilities.

School governors are appointed to:

  • monitor the work of the school and the standards attained
  • approve what is taught in school
  • set standards of behaviour
  • interview and select staff
  • agree and monitor the school budget
  • ratify policies

Governors work together: they cannot act individually.

School governors are:

  • parents
  • school staff
  • local council representatives
  • community representatives, business people etc

Parent governors:

  • have a child in school
  • are elected by parents of children in school
  • serve, as do other governors, for four years

The Governing Body and its committees meet at least twice a term. The minutes of the meetings are available in school. If you are interested in becoming a governor, please ask the Headteacher for further details.