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Inclusive Sports Hall Athletics

On Friday 19th January, a Year 6 pupil and a Year 3 pupil attended the Leeds ‘Come and Try’ Primary Inclusive Sports Hall Athletics School Games Event at John Charles Centre for Sport. It was a really fun event where the children rotated around a circle of activities to challenge their skills based around throwing, movement, hand-eye co-ordination and balance. Our children really enjoyed the target throw and throwing the javelin.

A big “well done”to the y5/y6 Football teams who played in tw0 rounds of the Leeds Rhinos Cross Cluster Football Tournament in horrible weather conditions. The boys really did us proud,showing excellent team work and resilience.


Pudsey Bolton Royd Primary School has been awarded the Youth Sport Trust GOLD Quality Mark for its commitment to physical education (PE), physical activity and school sport. The Youth Sport Trust is a national charity that is building a brighter future for young people through the power of sport.

The Quality Mark is an online self-review tool which provides schools with a nationally recognised award for the quality of their PE and school sport. The tool supports schools to audit their PE provision and identify priorities for their development.

Rachel Redmond from Youth Sport Trust validated the nationally recognised award for the quality of their PE and school sport. Rachel stated “The School has an embedded ethos and culture for PE, Sport and Physical Activity and this is evident right through the school staff community. The pupils that I met were a credit to the school and not afraid to share their thoughts with me. I saw and listened to many wonderful things at Pudsey Bolton Royd.”

Alex Reddish, PE subject leader at Bolton Royd said: “Being assessed by Youth Sport Trust was a really positive experience both for myself as PE Subject Leader and for the school. It gave me a chance to consolidate all the amazing work our school does from Nursery to Year 6 and show someone what a fantastic job we are all doing! It gave the children, through pupil voice, a chance to explain to an outsider what goes on at our school and celebrate our achievements. When I identified our areas for improvement, Rachel gave me very useful advice which she had seen work at other schools and I will definitely act on. “


A big well done to the Y5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Team who achieved second place in the competition at Priesthorpe Co-operative Academy on 21st of November.  Great effort everyone!

Gold School Games Mark Award 

Congratulations to Pudsey Bolton Royd for achieving the Gold School Games Mark Award for the Second year running! This shows that we provide high quality PE and fantastic opportunities for our school to take part in sports clubs and competitions;  as well as providing sports leadership opportunities and lots of physical activity throughout the school day!


National Fitness Day

Wednesday 27th September was National Fitness Day and we celebrated it by everyone doing 10 minutes exercise in their classrooms at 10.20am.  Some classes learned the samba, some classes were strengthening their core by doing chair based activities and some classes were using and finding out the names of muscles they didn’t know they had!  All the staff and pupils really enjoyed it and it will help us to make our classrooms more active places in the future.



Our New Active Slogan!

In July, all the children in KS1 and KS2 were asked to design a new active slogan for PE, School Sport and Physical Activity in 2017-18. We received lots of fantastic entries, but the winner was designed by a Year 5 pupil. The new slogan really encompasses the commitment from both staff and pupils to make our school more active this year; in lesson times, lunch and break times and after school.

‘Commit To Be Fit’

 Exotic Animal Visit Nursery

Visit May 2017

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Easter Celebration Day 2017

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As part of our Easter Celebration Day children throughout school designed and created marvelous decorated eggs at home and proudly displayed them in school. We were egg-estatic with all their egg-cellent efforts!



Well done to the staff and pupils who paid £1 to come to school wearing something Red.  More money was raised from the Red  Nose Day Tuck shop, where lots of Red fruit was sold.

In the afternoon the children from KS1& KS2 took part in a Red Nose Day fun run where they ran a course round the school and had to do something funny when they passed a teacher.

We raised a grand total of £465.27

for Comic Relief. Good work Pudsey Bolton Royd

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World Book Day 2017

World Book Day 2017 was celebrated at Pudsey Bolton Royd by the children and staff coming to school dressed as a book character.

Lots of Super Heroes and Princesses were spotted in Key Stage 1 and Early Years, Fairy Tale characters were skipping throughout the school and lots of Wallys and Harry Potter characters were also seen.  There was even a Unicorn in Year 6. Staff costumes included the BFG, Mary Poppins, James Bond, Goldilocks, Mr. Bump, Tiger, Flat Stanley, Where’s Wally, Super Girl, The Cat in the Hat and two Spiders!  The school office became James and the Giant Peach with all the insects in attendance and even a huge peach!

Mr Buck as the Demon Headmaster managed to avoid giving anyone the cane and Mrs Smithies as Wheres Wally popping up all around school throughout the day.

Each class was read a story by a different teacher and all pupils received a £1.00 world book day token.

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Congratulations! to the Year 4 & 5 Tennis Teams

Well done to our Year 4 & 5 Tennis Teams, who won an amazing 21 out of 24 matches at the competition before half term.

They are now through to the area final.

Key Stage 1 Sports Hall Athletics Competition 

Eighteen children from Years 1 and 2 took part in the Key Stage 1 Sports Hall Athletics competition at Farsley Celtic Football Club run by Active Schools.

They ran lots of different races as well as competing in different types of jumping events. The boys did especially well in the races, coming first or second place in most events.

They collected lots of stickers along the way and had a really brilliant time.

Congratulations to all involved!

Ms Reddish

PE Co-ordinator


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Schools Games Mark

Gold Award

The School Games Mark is owned and created by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and is implemented and developed by the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England. The Mark rewards school for their commitment to and the development of competition, school sport and physical education and was first launched in June 2012 via the School Games website.

Pudsey Bolton Royd has achieved the highest award for 2015/16 because we offer our children high quality PE lessons, most of our children attend after school sports clubs; we support talented children and provide opportunities for all children to develop their potential.

We also enter many competitions both within our school and against other schools at different levels.  We give our children opportunities to lead within sport and offer many different types of physical activity throughout the school day.

Congratulations to all the staff and children at Pudsey Bolton Royd. What a fantastic achievement!


Year 5 PE Trip to West Leeds Activity Centre

On Monday 7th November 2016, Class 5KN and Class 5JH visited West Leeds Activity Centre to take part in some Outdoor and Adventurous Activities.

The children participated in team building games, orienteering around the grounds and an assault course with a really muddy water slide.

They all tried activities they hadn’t done before and had loads of fun!

Ms Reddish

Y5 PE trip 064

Y5 PE trip 065

Y5 PE trip 062

Y5 PE trip 061

Y5 PE trip 066

Get Fitter, Do It Better Challenge

The 21st of October was our first Get Fitter, Do It better challenge.

The children were asked to set themselves a target of how many laps of the school and park they could run or walk in one hour.

It was a lovely crisp autumn afternoon and the children pushed themselves to achieve some amazing results.

Some of the Year 1 children completed more laps than some Year 6 children!

All the children were given a certificate and the event will be repeated later this year to give children a chance to beat their personal best. Great work everyone!