Art & Design

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Our Vision for Art & Design

For every subject that we teach, we have a clear and challenging vision that drives everything we teach and children learn in that subject. At Pudsey Bolton Royd we aim to inspire our children’s creativity through our engaging Art curriculum.  Our children will be provided with opportunities to practise a range of artistic techniques and skills; developing their knowledge of a variety of artists ranging from local to important and diverse artists throughout history. We believe in encouraging children to express their imagination and inventiveness, allowing them to explore their emotions and ideas through various experiences: active improvement of specific techniques and skills; educational visits improving knowledge and understanding; and inspiring visits from relevant artists enhancing children’s experiences. In doing so, our children develop respect for different cultures and foster a love of the Arts.

Our Long-Term Plan for Art & Design

You can read our long-term plans for learning by selecting one of the documents below:

Progression of Knowledge and Skills in Art & Design

A core part of all our curriculum is the teaching of a challenging, progressive knowledge and skills. You can read our Progression of Knowledge and Skills document for Art & Design here:

Progression of Knowledge and Skills in Art & Design