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Our Vision for Music

For every subject that we teach, we have a clear and challenging vision that drives everything we teach and children learn in that subject. Our music curriculum aims to provide all children, regardless of ability, age, gender, or race, with a high-quality music education that engages and inspires them to develop a life-long love of music. All children should have the opportunity to experience Music of different styles from many cultures and periods of history. They shall have the opportunity to learn and develop progressively skills, understanding and knowledge involved in the key elements of listening, performing, and composing. Other key skills, such as communication, working with others, problem solving, sensitivity, creativity, perseverance, concentration, personal satisfaction, and self-confidence can also be developed through our music curriculum.


Our Long-Term Plan for Music

You can read our long-term plans for learning by selecting one of the documents below:

Progression of Knowledge and Skills in Music

A core part of all our curriculum is the teaching of a challenging, progressive knowledge and skills. You can read our Progression of Knowledge and Skills document for Music here:

Progression of Knowledge and Skills document for Music


Learning an Instrument

We are proud to offer lessons for learning a range of musical instruments during school time. If you would like to find out more information about learning an instrument in the different areas across Leeds, you can click here which will take you to Artforms Leeds’ website.



Mrs. Boyd runs a choir in Key Stage 2 which runs in the school day and it performs at a couple of concerts during the year, including at Christmas time.