P.E, School Sport & Physical Activity

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Our Vision for Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (P.E.S.S.P.A.)

For every subject that we teach, we have a clear and challenging vision that drives everything we teach and children learn in that subject. Pudsey Bolton Royd believes that P.E.S.S.P.A. is an integral part of a child's physical, educational and emotional development.  Our intent is to promote a long term healthy lifestyle and inspire pupils to participate fully, developing a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and exercise. Every child should be able to experience a range of opportunities to develop their fitness, health and well-being. Pupils should, through the delivery of a rich and varied curriculum, and both competitive and non-competitive sporting events, become confident and resilient in physical activity. Pupils will have the opportunity to achieve their personal best and develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to become physically literate. At the same time pupils will develop socially through leadership, communication and teamwork skills.


Our Long-Term Plan for P.E.S.S.P.A.

You can read our long-term plans for learning by selecting one of the documents below:

Progression of Knowledge and Skills in P.E.S.S.P.A.

A core part of all our curriculum is the teaching of a challenging, progressive knowledge and skills. You can read our Progression of Knowledge and Skills document for P.E.S.S.P.A. here:

Progression of Knowledge and Skills document for P.E.S.S.P.A.


Swimming Lessons

Children in Year 3 attend swimming lessons for half of the academic year while some children in Years 4, 5 and 6 attend extra swimming lessons to help them meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.

If you would like to know more about the importance of learning swimming and water safety skills, you can read this guide:

Swimming Guide for Parents