Values, Ethos & Vision

Our Values

At Pudsey Bolton Royd Primary School, we live our school values. Our three core values that underpin the culture, behaviours and aspirations of everyone involved with the school are Care, Growth and Teamwork. These establish our moral core and are encapsulated in our school motto: ‘We enjoy. We achieve.’



We believe that ‘children learn what they live’ – that individuals who feel safe, cared for, nurtured and encouraged will be more likely to enjoy their time at school, leading directly to a more positive experience and better outcomes. As well as encompassing our duty of care – to safeguard and protect the wellbeing of the children - we recognise that successful educational outcomes in their broadest sense follow when children feel safe, happy and respected at school. We aim for every child to achieve their full potential as a result of the care, effort and attention that we pay them, and in-turn, expect the children to care about their own outcomes, aspire to be the best they can, and be caring and respectful in their relationships with others.



Growth Mindset is a key concept underpinning our organisational culture for every person (student and staff) working in school. We identify with a Growth Mindset as the engine of improvement and continuous progress for all aspects of school life, helping to instil the foundations for successful lifelong learning and social mobility through a culture of aspirational inclusion. Growth Mindset attitudes help us to ‘smash the glass ceiling’ for what our children can achieve, paving the way for us sharing the highest expectations for all our learners. We approach personal improvement with an “everyone can” attitude since we can all learn from our mistakes and improve from our own starting points.



We believe that the creation of highly effective teams at multiple levels throughout the school – for staff as well as children – is central to our success as an organisation. A culture of teamwork is key for children to experience in preparing them for a successful future. We can’t know for sure what jobs our children are preparing for in their adult lives, but it’s a given that emotional intelligence and the ability to work effectively in teams will be key to success in whatever they do in the future – so this is what we aim to model and foster. Teamwork also encompasses working with all our stakeholders and the community as a whole – we subscribe to the proverb, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. Teamwork is embodied within the long-established, traditional strengths of school’s wider curriculum offer – especially related to student participation in sport, music and healthy schools.

Our Ethos

Working Together to Achieve our Full Potential

We expect every student to aspire to be the best they can be. All students inclusively access high-quality learning opportunities and through hard work and good teaching, we expect students to be able to take pride in achieving the best possible learning outcomes for themselves. We also recognise that students achieve best when the school, student and parents/carers work together. At Bolton Royd, we foster and secure excellent partnerships with our parents, stakeholders and the wider community.


Celebrating our Diverse School Community and Fostering Tolerance and Respect for All

We expect all members of the school community to show respect for one another and to conduct themselves in a safe and well-behaved manner. Our students are proud of being part of Bolton Royd School – they are proud of how they look, what they achieve, how they work and how they conduct themselves. We also recognise how fortunate we are to be part of a school community with such diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our parents are rightly proud of the school’s diversity and community cohesion; we aim to instil this pride within the children and ensure the environment we create develops tolerance and understanding throughout the school.


Developing Active Citizens Within the School Community and Beyond

We aspire for our students, when they eventually leave us, to be responsible and active citizens. We provide many opportunities for our young people to demonstrate citizenship and leadership whilst at school. We expect our students to fully participate in school life and take advantage of the numerous opportunities available to them.


Inspiring Confident, Creative and Independent Learners

We are committed to providing the best quality Teaching and Learning through the delivery of a continuously improving curriculum. Our students are expected to contribute to their learning in class: to complete all the work set, to answer questions and to work to the best of their ability both independently and in groups.

Our Vision

Our vision for Pudsey Bolton Royd Primary School is to be a beacon of aspirational inclusion where:

  • Excellent teaching and learning transform lives.
  • All pupils experience success - regardless of background, ability or starting points – in terms of personal and educational achievement and development
  • Everyone takes pride in their school and gets to experience the joy of learning
  • School experiences ignite a passion for self-improvement that inspires not just the next phase of learning but endures into adulthood to improve the future prosperity, health and wellbeing of all our students.

We have a clear vision for our Curriculum, and vision statements for the individual subjects and areas of learning within school, which you can find under the 'Curriculum' tab of our website.

As well as reading about our values, ethos and vision above, you can read our full values, ethos and vision document here:
Values, Ethos and Vision - Pudsey Bolton Royd Primary School