Pupil Voice Children Elected

This week, we held the elections for our 2023-24 pupil voice roles. Children could apply to be a School Councillor, Wellbeing Warrior, Sports Ambassador (boy role and girl role), Attendance Champion and Eco Warrior. Applications were shared anonymously in the class and the children voted for which applicant they felt will do a good job.

We also offer children in Key Stage 2 to apply for the role of Food Ambassador, children in Year 5 and Year 6 can apply to be an Active Leader for lunch times and we give children in Year 6 a chance to apply to be a Reading Champion. These roles are decided by the staff.

You can see the results of our Pupil Voice elections below, with the results of the staff-chosen roles to be announced later in the year when they are selected.

School Councillors

It is the job of School Councillors to help the Senior Leadership Team in school to make important decisions, and to ensure that the voice of their classmates is heard. Our elected representatives are:

Year 1 - Beech Naveya
Year 1 - Fir Fikunayomi
Year 2 - Oak Adam
Year 2 - Pine Siraj
Year 3 - Maple Husayn
Year 3 - Willow Numair
Year 4 - Ash Hanaya
Year 4 - Elm Divya
Year 5 - Silver Birch Amelia
Year 5 - Sycamore Fatimah
Year 6 - Chestnut Izna
Year 6 - Elder Aliya

Meet our School Council team:

Wellbeing Warriors

These children help to keep our school a safe and happy place for our children. They keep an eye out for children who might be feeling sad in their class and work to look after everybody's wellbeing. The elected children are:

Year 1 - Beech Hayaa
Year 1 - Fir Zain
Year 2 - Oak Zayaan
Year 2 - Pine Caiton
Year 3 - Maple Naeema
Year 3 - Willow Rubun
Year 4 - Ash Zaki
Year 4 - Elm Sami
Year 5 - Silver Birch Falak Naz
Year 5 - Sycamore Umaymah
Year 6 - Chestnut Coben
Year 6 - Elder Hajrah

Meet our Wellbeing Warrior team:

Sports Ambassadors

Each class has one boy and one girl who are the Sports Ambassadors. They help to promote PE, sport and physical activity in their class and help the staff look after the equipment. The classes vote for these children:

Year 1 - Beech Aydin & Rumaisa
Year 1 - Fir Ayan & Haniya
Year 2 - Oak Rizwanullah & Eva
Year 2 - Pine Angad & Tegh
Year 3 - Maple Arnav & Warisa
Year 3 - Willow Mikaeel & Aminah
Year 4 - Ash Haris & Zainab
Year 4 - Elm Azaan & Zahra
Year 5 - Silver Birch Hussain & Ayaana
Year 5 - Sycamore Ranvir & Haleema
Year 6 - Chestnut Teghvir & Keerat
Year 6 - Elder Essa & Shanai

Meet our Sports Ambassador team:

Attendance Champions

In each class, we have an Attendance Champion. As well as take the register to the office every day, they set a good example by getting to school on time every day and making sure their classmates know how important it is to be in school at 8:45am.

Year 1 - Beech Hassan
Year 1 - Fir Subhaan
Year 2 - Oak Umayma
Year 2 - Pine Masood
Year 3 - Maple Ehsan
Year 3 - Willow Abdul Wahab
Year 4 - Ash Amber
Year 4 - Elm Leilalou
Year 5 - Silver Birch Muhammad-Dawood
Year 5 - Sycamore Saleeha
Year 6 - Chestnut Zenia
Year 6 - Elder Eliza

Meet our Attendance Champions:

Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors in each class have an important role to make sure that the class is using the recycling bins in school for paper and plastic. They also make sure the class is saving energy by doing things like turning the lights off when the class leaves a room. The children who were voted in are:

Year 1 - Beech Ayaan
Year 1 - Fir Kaira
Year 2 - Oak Azaan
Year 2 - Pine Jasmine
Year 3 - Maple Ramneek
Year 3 - Willow Ellie
Year 4 - Ash Shahmeer
Year 4 - Elm Birrah
Year 5 - Silver Birch Eisa
Year 5 - Sycamore Ayana
Year 6 - Chestnut Isma
Year 6 - Elder Ibraheem

Meet our Eco Warrors: