School Celebrates Arts Festival

This morning, the children and staff were thoroughly entertained by the all the winners who entered a wide range of categories in our Arts Festival.

The celebration started with beautiful pieces of art.  The winners and runners up were -

Year 1 Winner - Zayaan A (Beech)

          Runner up - Huzaifah H (Beech)

Year 2 Winner - Naeema H (Pine)

          Runner up - Daniel M (Pine)

Year 3 Winner - Hamna Q (Maple)

          Runner up - Birrah M (Willow)

Year 4 Winner - Saleeha S (Elm)

          Runner up - Ne'vaeh P-T (Elm) 

Year 5 Winner - Timea T (Sycamore)

          Runner up - Isra A (Silver Birch)

Year 6 Winner - M. Zaviyar K (Elder)

          Runner up - Ridwanaullah Y (Elder)


This was followed by the Poetry winners and runner up -

KS1 - Poetry Recital -

Runner up - Layla I (Fir)

Winner - Haider A (Fir)

KS2 - Poetry Recital -

Joint Winners - Hajrah N (Sycamore) and Husna Z (Elder)


We then enjoyed listening to some lively music using a variety of instruments -

KS1 -

Recorder - Runner up - Harley-J (Oak)

                      Winner - Zayn K (Pine)

KS2 -

Woodwind - Runner up - Georgia F (Silver Birch)

                  Winner - Izna A (Birch)

Brass - Runner up - Nvin A (Elm)

           Winner - Ranvir G (Ash)

Strings - Runner up - Safiyyah R (Chestnut)

             Winner - Isra A (Silver Birch)


We were treated to two memorable singing performances - the results were -

KS1 Singing - Runner up - Esmae-A B (Fir)

                     Winner - Ayaana H (Oak)

KS2 Singing - Runner up - Timea T (Sycamore)

                     Winner - Susandi R (Chestnut)

Susandi R  sang a beautiful song called Lily which had everyone in awe of her talent.


KS1 Dance results  -  

Runners up - Mahi K and Yousef R (Fir)

Winners - Duha K, Lilly-Anne, Chloe B, Huda K and Amina N (Oak)

KS2 Dance results -

Runner up - Ariah M (Willow)

Winner - Audrey U (Elm)

Audrey U, who started dancing when she was 2, gave us a memorable, faultless performance of her dancing to 'Tightrope' from The Greatest Showman. Her grace and movement were excellent.


Finally, the results of the Piano Competition were -

Runner up - Amina M (Chestnut)

Winner - Miruna I (Chestnut)

Miruna taught herself how to play the piano and surprised us all with a rendition of The Phantom of the Opera.  She was outstanding!

Well done to all the children who took part, we are very lucky to have such talented children!